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How it works


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No long term contracts.
No hidden fees.
You can cancel the “renewal” of your membership at any time.

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Members: Weekly scheduled grocery shopping, prescription pickup and delivery service.
Group Rates Available.

Quick Shop: Pick Up & Deliver or Shop & Deliver. Need a few extra items? We've got you covered!

Pick a Convenient Schedule

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Let us know when you will be home to receive your delivery.
We operate 7 days a week

Place Your Order

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Create your grocery list and submit on-line or by phone. We will shop and deliver your groceries from YOUR favorite store.
The choice is always yours.


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Your groceries delivered straight to your door.
We deliver until 9:00pm Mon-Fri and until 6:00pm Saturday and Sundays.


Your groceries, your choice, your way.

We are not an on-line retailer and we do not mark up your groceries.  We have a personalized program and service tailored to meet your needs.  We provide our members with the same shopper and same driver week after week so we learn to shop for you just as you would shop for yourself.  We can provide your store rewards card number to the store clerk so you can collect rewards without having to leave your house.

Save Money

Do you know that most Canadians spend $20 up to as much as $50 a week grocery shopping over and above the actual cost of their groceries they need? Besides the cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle.

  • The average shopper spends 15-20% a week impulse buying in store or on-line
  • If you purchase on-line specialty products like produce and organics you are paying inflated prices, in some cases over 20%
  • Convenience stores aren't convenient when you pay 20-30% more for the same products we can purchase in a grocery store for you
  • Hectic families and busy professionals spend over $2,400/year on restaurant food

Save Time

Did you know that most Canadian shoppers spend 3-4 hours/week grocery shopping?

  • Driving through traffic, trying to ninja their way into a parking spot
  • Waiting in endless checkout lines
  • Riffling through 1000's of on-line products and drop down menus
  • Our system is quick and easy to use

Save The Environment

Did you know that over 30% of food produced is wasted?  50% of that waste comes from households

  • Due to lack of meal planning, impulse grocery shopping, and eating out
  • Canadians waste 31 million lbs of food each year
  • The Cost to Canadians... $31 Billion Dollars annually
  • The Cost to the Environment... 20% of Canada's methane emissions
  • Climate Change is contributing to increasing food prices and 1 in 8 Canadian families struggle to put food on their table
how much does food waste cost your family?

Eat Healthier, Live Happier

 The Grocery Link Programs are designed to:

  • Achieve our members a NET ZERO COST SERVICE GOAL. This means we are confident that we can save you more money than what our membership fees cost.
  • Increase your family time and free time outside the walls of a grocery store
  • Protect our environment by working with schools and families to reduce food waste
  • Help people in desperate need of our services within our shared community
What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

The Grocery Link Sponsorship Program

We are more than a grocery link. We are a community link.

  • Imagine a family member with Rheumatoid Arthritis who experiences perpetual pain and must drive to get groceries, stand in long line ups and can only purchase what they can manage to carry.
  • Imagine someone diagnosed with vertigo unable to drive and has to ask their children or friends to grocery shop for them.
  • Imagine a senior citizen without the means of transportation or with mobility constraints who must either walk, take a cab, a bus or ride their scooter to the grocery store just to perform the task of shopping. Now imagine them doing this in the winter.
  • Nominate and sponsor someone you know in desperate need of our service and they could receive a free month of our weekly scheduled service:  A senior or grandparent without means of transportation or the ability to shop for what they really need, a co-student, friend or family member with disabilities, a family caring for persons with disabilities or terminally ill children,  a co-worker off on workers compensation or a patient you care for. "Our Service Is not a luxury. It's a necessity.”

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